What Kind Of Education Do I need To Be Able To Write Booklets?

Someone recently asked me this question.  You might be surprised at the answer.  You don’t need a college education to be able to write booklets.  In fact, if you can afford to hire a good editor you don’t even need to know all the grammar rules for writing.  And, if you’re writing non-fiction, you don’t need to be creative either.

I’m all for bettering yourself.  If you have a college education that’s great.  It may help you with your booklet and it may not.  If your education lines up with your booklet’s subject it can certainly lend you some credibility.  And if you majored in English or one of the writing niches, that’s helpful too.  But, it isn’t necessary.  I know because my college stint lasted two quarters before I left and never returned.

Back in my high school days I was an A+ English student who really enjoyed journalism and creative writing.  Knowing my punctuation and spelling has certainly been helpful, but those journalism and creative writing courses are of little use to me now.

Since leaving college I’ve studied many things.  I graduated from travel school, modeling school, and acting school.  I’ve taken courses in business, writing, publishing, public speaking and copywriting.  And I’ve owned several businesses from which I’ve learned things no course could ever teach me.  I’ve also had experience working in the corporate world as well as working for other entrepreneurs.   I don’t have a college degree, but what I lack in a diploma I’ve more than made up for with enRICHment courses and life experience.

If you feel you need to take a writing course, take it.  You don’t need college for that.  Just take the writing course.  You can learn what you need to as you need to.  And don’t discount your life experience.  My third booklet and both of its spin-offs are based on my own life experience and they’re now selling to the medical community.  Had I decided to go and get a degree in nutrition before writing the booklets I might never have written them.

Education is a good thing and you should never stop learning.  But, if you don’t have a college degree don’t let it stop you from becoming a booklet writer if that is what you want to do.  I’m proof that you can do it.

I will continue to discover new things that will enrich my business and personal life because I don’t believe we should ever stop learning.  Even college graduates often have to take classes after they graduate to keep up with the latest information in their field.

Whether you’re a college grad or you went straight to work after high school, or even if you never finished high school, it doesn’t matter.  Write your booklet anyway and if you find you need to take a class in writing or some other subject to help you then do it.  The main thing is to go after your goal and not let anything stop you from reaching it.

To your riches!



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