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A Necessary Step To Improve Your Material

You’ve finished your manuscript. It’s not perfect (even if you think it is) but it’ll do. Good enough. Now, before you move to the production phase, there’s one more thing I highly recommend you do. If you don’t you may just kick yourself.

Get a group of your peers together and have them look over the manuscript. Ask them if there is anything written there that isn’t clear or that they think you should change. This is extremely important because these people can literally save your butt and keep you from looking like an amateur.

I’m not talking about editing. This is not for editing purposes. This is to make sure that your manuscript makes sense and conveys the information you want it to. Your peer group can come up with some great ideas that you might never have thought of on your own.

You can use any group of peers you like, but it helps if the peer group you use are involved in your booklet’s topic. For example, if your booklet is written for stay at home moms, get a group of stay at home moms together for tea and let them read your manuscript. If your booklet is about homeschooling, get a group of homeschoolers together.

If you don’t want to get a group together, you can approach people individually, but the group is better because people feed off of other people’s ideas. Mary has a suggestion and it sparks and idea in Alice, so then Alice gives you her idea too. Alice may not have thought of that idea if she hadn’t heard Mary’s idea.

This may seem difficult to you or like an unnecessary step. Trust me, it is necessary. This is something I do, and it has helped me to put out much better material than had I not received anyone’s input.

To your riches!



Twenty Topic Ideas For Writers Of Children’s And Parenting Booklets

Did you know there were 4.3 million births in the U.S. in 2006? The birthrate hasn’t been this high since 1961. What does this mean for you? It means babies are big business!

Even in a recession parents will spend on their children. They’ll spend on everything from a new car (gotta have more room for baby), to baby equipment, to computers and education and everything in between.

If you write for children or for parents, there is a big opportunity here. Parents, especially new ones, are always looking for information to help them raise their children and be better parents. Here are a few ideas for booklet topics you could write about to reach this massive market.

1) Parenting Teens

2) Bringing Baby Home: What New Parents Need To Know

3) How To Baby Proof Your Home

4) Healthy Eating For Two

5) Teaching Manners To Children

6) How To Choose The Right Daycare

7) How To Choose The Right Pre-school

8) How To Begin Homeschooling

9) How To Choose The Right College

10) How To Save Money On A College Education

11) Writing A Will: What You Need To Know

12) Tips For Parenting The Special Child

13) How To Find A Caregiver For Your Special Child

14) Toilet Training Tips

15) Time Saving Tips For Busy Parents

16) Quality Time: Making The Most Of Your Time With Your Children

17) How To Start A Holiday Tradition

18) Birthday Party Tips And Ideas

19) Bedwetting Cures

20) How To Save Money On Everything For Baby From Diapers To College

That’s 20 right off the top of my head! Surely you can come up with many more ideas. And, if you like to write stories for children, why not give them a special theme that parents and children deal with in real life, such as the first day of school, feelings, dealing with death, the birth of a new sibling, or manners. These themed stories will make excellent booklets that parents will want to read to their children.

To your riches!


Create A Hot Seller With This Timely Topic

The one thing on everyone’s mind right now is money.  With rising prices on everything from gas to groceries, and the news talking about the recession and the bad economic state we’re in, everyone is concerned about money – mainly how to acquire more of it.

Of course, even when the economy is good people are concerned with money and how to get more.  Therefore, it’s definitely high on the list of best topics to write about.

If you can write a booklet that shows people how to make more money, you’ll have a hot seller on your hands.  And if you can niche that booklet to a particular market segment, you’ll do even better.  For example, you could write the booklet for stay at home moms, or for grandparents who are looking for an after retirement income, or you could write it for people who are already employed and needing an extra income through a part time, side line job, or for teens wanting to work after school.

You could also write the booklet on a specific money making topic such as how to make money at craft fairs or how to get a raise from your boss.

Anything money related will do very well in the market place right now – especially if it has to do with making more money.

To your riches!


Stop Wishin’ And Start Writin’

It’s been really crazy here these past couple days!  Yesterday I woke up at 3:15am and got ready to attend a huge seminar in Seattle, an hour from my home.  There were 17 thousand people in attendance.  With that many people , it meant long lines for everything from the bathroom to the latte stand (and then back to the bathroom!).  This gave me the opportunity I needed to talk with people and get a booklet into their hands!  I walked all over that arena and then some.  I climbed up stairs, down stairs, and back up again.  I was in constant motion, and by the end of the day my feet were really hurtin’!  But, I had a huge smile on my face because I had accomplished my mission.

Then, today I had another meeting up north, but not quite as far away as Seattle.  It was a much smaller, much more personal kind of business meeting and I quite enjoyed myself (except for having to wear shoes.  My feet were still sore from yesterday!).  My booklets were one of the focal points of this meeting today, and I got the opportunity to share them with everyone in attendance.  It was a prime chance to showcase my abilities as both a business woman and as a writer.  My head is still in the clouds from some of the wonderful comments I received!

During both of these meetings one word kept coming up.  That word was implementation, and it’s a very important word no matter what you want to accomplish.  When I started my booklet adventure I wasn’t a guru or huge celebrity.  I was just an average person.  But, I made a decision.  I decided I wanted something better in life.  I decided I didn’t want to be average.  I wanted to use my passion for writing in a way that would be both helpful to others and profitable for me.  I came up with a plan, and then I implemented that plan.  When you implement, you take action.  Sometimes the action you take fails.  That’s ok.  You just implement a new plan and try something else.  But, you keep going.  You don’t quit.

I hope you get how huge this is.  So many people sit around wishing and waiting.  They’ll never fail at anything because they’ll never bother to try anything.  It’s easy to wish – to sit there and think gee, I wish I could do that.  Well, you can!  This is your day.  Your moment.  Don’t let it go by without you doing something to make your dreams a reality. When you get an idea, you need to act on it.  Otherwise your dreams will always be dreams.

Nobody starts at the top.  Just start wherever you are right now.  The important thing is to start.  Starting puts you ahead of 90% of the people, because 90% of the people are wishers, but they are not implementers.

If you don’t implement your plans, you’ll never know what possibilities are out there right now, just waiting for you to take advantage of them. You can be average or you can be an implementer who achieves great things (and writes great booklets!).  It’s all up to you.

Now go and do something great!

To your riches,


Give Booklets Away And Get Published

Happy Monday!

I’m posting this a little in advance since I will be in a seminar all day on Monday, along with about 17 thousand other people! I’ve got my briefcase packed with about 160 booklets in it, and I’ll refill it each time I empty it. I’m going to be making contacts, smiling and shaking hands at this event faster than a politician in order to get my booklets into as many qualified hands as possible! It’s going to be a wild and crazy day!

I’ll be giving these booklets away instead of charging for them, and this is something you might want to think about doing if you plan to write a full length book. You see, the booklet I’m giving away actually promotes my publishing company’s products and services, and the seminar I’m attending will be filled with business executives from all over the state. These executives are prime prospects for my publishing company, and I have the chance to reach them for just a few dollars and a tank of gas. What luck having so many of them together in the same place at the same time!

How does this relate to you and your book? Simple. Create a mini version of your book – a booklet. Then, take copies of your booklet to any writing conferences or other events you attend where publishers will be present. Smile, shake their hand and give them a free copy of your booklet. It’s much more likely to be kept than a typed manuscript, and much more interesting to look at and read. Plus, it’s short, which is something the publishers will appreciate. You never know. You just might get a few calls. In fact, a publisher who likes your concept may not even wait to call you. He might want to talk with you right there at the event!

To your riches!


Why Spending Time Away From Writing Is Important

When you start writing booklets, you’re starting a business of your own.  It’s a very exciting business and it’s easy to get so wrapped up in it that you exclude everything else.  Especially when you’re writing a new title.  It’s all you can think about.  You eat, sleep and breathe booklets because you want to.  It’s fun and exhilarating.  With each word you write you are creating your future, and it’s never looked better.

One word of caution.  Make time for friends and family.  Do other things that interest you.  Work, yes, and enjoy it, but don’t exclude everything else.  You may not even be aware you’re doing it because you’re so caught up in the joy of being an author, but it’s vitally important to your new career.

Having other interests broadens your horizons and makes you a better writer.  If all you do is work at writing booklets, you’ll eventually become burned out and tired of it.  Taking breaks from it renews your vitality and your spirit and lets you come back to it refreshed and ready to begin again.

If you’ve got a project that has you under the crunch of a deadline, by all means get it done.  But, otherwise, write a little and then take a breather.  Then, come back and write some more.  Your writing will improve and ideas will come to you faster.

To your riches,


The Most Important Thing You Must Do With Your Manuscript

I’m excited today!  My 6th title is now in production.  I saw a preview of the booklet yesterday and I’m very pleased!  We ended up with a two color cover this time instead of full color, but it looks outstanding!  I’ll have the printed booklets in my hands on Friday – just in time to take them to a couple of meetings I’m attending next week.  I can’t wait to see the reaction to these because I know it’s going to be HUGE!

I spent about a week writing the manuscript for this booklet.  I worked mostly in the afternoons and evenings.  Now that it’s almost done, I’m thinking there were a few things I could have done a little better.  I’m happy with the booklet over all, but you know how it is.  You’re always your own worst critic.

No matter how much you write and revise your manuscript there will always be something else you can think of to change or add to make it better.  The most important thing to do is to get your manuscript finished.  If you constantly fret over it and change it and add to it or take away from it, you manuscript will never get done.  In fact, your booklet could die altogether because you’ll lose your steam – your enthusiasm for the project.

Don’t do sloppy work.  But, don’t wait until your manuscript is pristine to publish it.  It can never be pristine because you are a human being with imperfections.  Just do your best, and after looking it over a couple of times, maybe making a few revisions, then giving it a final proofreading and making a few last touch ups, let it go.  You’ve done your best.  It’s time to get it produced.

After production, you may find things in your text that need revisions.  That’s ok.  Those revisions can be made before your second printing and then you’ll have a newly revised edition to offer your marketplace.

Do your best and then let it go.  Get it out there.  Otherwise you may as well do nothing at all.

To your riches!