Write Booklets And Be Free

There’s riches in freedom, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.  Many years ago I worked in a corporate office.  I got up at the crack of dawn so I could go to my hourly job and make someone else rich.  They were having all the fun.  You know what I mean.  The long lunches, days off when they felt like it, extended vacations.  And they made all the money.  Sure, they had to oversee the business, but they didn’t do much of the work.  That task was left to us lesser beings who toiled by the hour for a small pittance.

I remember wishing that I could enjoy the same benefits – the freedom to come and go as I pleased and a much larger paycheck.  But I was young and inexperienced.  I had been taught that I had to pay my dues in the business world – put my time in – before I would be able to have an extra week of vacation let alone a larger paycheck.  If only I had known then what I know now!

Over the years I’ve discovered that trading hours for dollars is not the path to freedom and it certainly isn’t the path to riches either.  It’ll do in a pinch – like when you need to keep the lights and the heat on (or the air conditioning!) – but it’s very difficult to get ahead doing it long term.  You’ll always be one of the lesser beings watching the guy at the top have all the fun and make all the money – probably money that you slaved to bring in.  That money represents your life – your hours – and you get so little of it.  When you think about it, it’s like the guy at the top is literally stealing your life away from you because he takes most of what you bring in.  You only get a little bit of it.

For me, writing booklets has meant never having to trade hours for dollars again.  I now have a product in my booklets which can sell around the clock.  I only have so many hours in a day that I could trade for dollars.  But, there’s no limit to the number of booklets I can sell.  And those sales add up fast!

Now I’m the one having all the fun!  Nobody is in control of my time or my paycheck but me.  I not only go on long, leisurely lunches, but I often take my children with me.  I am fortunate to be able to spend more time with them.  And when I want to take a day off, I don’t have to ask anyone or call in sick.  I just do it.

I no longer spend my days adding to someone else’s riches.  I spend them adding to my own riches and doing what I enjoy – writing.  This is the good life and you can have it too.

Write booklets and be free!

To your riches!



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