How To Get An Idea Today And Have A Completed Manuscript Tomorrow

Hello again!

Just a quick note to let you know what I’m up to!  Tonight I’ll complete the manuscript for spin-off #2 – “Simple Tips & Recipes For Starting Your Dairy Free Lifestyle.”  This one has taken me a little longer to finish than I expected – about 2 weeks – but that’s because I decided to add more fresh material than I had originally planned to.  I’m extremely pleased with the results, however, and I know this one’s going to be a hot seller within the medical community.  And, when you consider how long it would have taken me to write a book on this subject, and the fact that I didn’t work on this every day, 2 weeks is really quite good!

This booklet will be marketed right along side two related booklets, so my market will now have three titles to choose from.  This will expand my sales in two ways.  First, those who would not have chosen my first title can now choose one of the spin-offs.  And second, some will buy two or even all three titles at a time.  When you consider that these booklets are only available in quantities of 200 or more, that adds up!

So, what’s next?  Title # 6 of course!  It’s a booklet on marketing that I’m writing for the business community.  I came up with the idea for it a week ago and I’ve been anxious to get it done.  But, that’s one of the great things about writing booklets – you can get an idea today and have a completed manuscript tomorrow (or in a few days or a couple of weeks depending on your time and schedule).

With the completion of booklet #6 I’ll have a foothold in three different markets.  That’s a claim not many book authors can make.

Can you see a booklet in your future?

To your riches!



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