Is Your Booklet Idea A Rich One?

Today, while waiting in the grocery check-out line, a booklet caught my eye. It was near the grocery counter where they keep the little packs of gum and mints. I don’t remember the exact title – something like “The Secret To Having Money.”

This particular title got my attention because I have authored two money related booklets. I couldn’t help but wonder what might be inside this booklet that I had missed putting into my own.

Not having much time before my turn at the cash register I picked up the booklet and quickly thumbed through it. To my utter amazement there wasn’t anything inside of value – at least not in my opinion. There was some psycho-babble about how to have a positive attitude in order to attract money, some mumbo jumbo about how to have the right relationship with money, and several other similar type chapters including, as I recall, one having to do with luck. If you were hard pressed for cash this booklet would do nothing to help you change your situation. In fact, it would further deplete your finances without giving you anything in return.

In spite of the fact that this booklet was devoid of any useful information, it is available to the public in grocery stores and probably some other places as well. This means it has gone through some special distribution channels and someone somewhere decided this booklet would sell – probably because of the title. I wonder if the booklet is selling, or if that person that gave it the go-ahead is now kicking himself for putting such an inferior product into the marketplace.

If you’ve got an idea for a booklet and you’re not sure how good your idea is, just think about this money booklet. It’s completely useless yet it’s in the marketplace. Chances are your idea is a much better one and if your booklet contains useful information that will help someone then you’ve got a rich idea, not just a good one. If that’s the case, by all means write it! The marketplace needs your booklet!

If that booklet in the grocery store is any indication, I’ve got a superior product in each of my money related titles. I can present them with pride to would-be buyers because I’ve seen the alternative and it’s a waste of paper and ink!

To your riches!



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