Why I Love Junk Mail!

Today was pretty much the same as any other until I checked my mailbox.  I’m telling you what – some of the greatest opportunities you’ll ever have as a booklet author will come right to you in your mailbox!

I pulled out what appeared to be two pieces of junk mail.  The first was an ad from a store.  I didn’t even bother to look and see which one.  I just threw it into the trash.

The second piece of “junk mail” had alot of pictures on the front of people I recognized – Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Suze Orman to name a few.  It took me a moment of looking this four page “ad” over before I realized it was an invitation to a business seminar.  Now that’s interesting!

I don’t know if this seminar will be worth the time and gas in and of itself, but they’ve got some top names appearing and the price is next to nothing.  Since I was always taught by my grandmother that you usually get what you pay for, I’m a bit skeptical.  But, one thing I do know is that this is a truly great opportunity for me as both an author and a publisher.

this seminar will be filled with business people and entrepreneurs and it just so happens that yesterday I came up with the idea for my next booklet (this will be #6 folks!) and it is for businesses and entrepreneurs!  The only thing is the booklet isn’t written yet, and I’m still working on title #5.  So, it’s crunch time!  I’ll get title #5 finished up over the weekend and then write like crazy to get #6 done by the middle of next week.  I can have it completed and produced in plenty of time for the seminar.

So, either I’ll go to the seminar and learn some great things and have the chance to schmooze with other business people, give them a booklet, and hopefully gain some new clients – or – I’ll go to the seminar and it won’t be so great but I’ll still get the chance to schmooze and network and gain new clients anyway.  Either way I win!

This really proves a point.  When you’ve got an idea for a booklet GET IT DONE!!!  Don’t sit around waiting and thinking because if you do you’ll miss out on some great opportunities.   I wasn’t going to produce #6 until #5 was finished.  I’ve got some other projects to work on that have to do with title #5, but I will now get them done simultaneously while working on #6.  It’s a fast, crazy pace, but then I’d rather make money fast than slow, and sometimes it does get a little crazy!

I love getting junk mail.  Often, it’s filled with new opportunities!

To your riches,


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