The Best Kept Secret In Publishing

Have you ever noticed how many different diet books there are? There must be thousands of them. And as they they span the different diet and nutrition categories, several titles fall into each category niche.

For example, take the low carb craze. There are probably hundreds of books, each a little different variation, on how to eat low carb. Some of them explain the diet, some don’t explain anything but only contain recipes, some do both. Some of the low carb books have a medical niche they’re trying to reach – such as diabetics or those with severe weight issues.

So what, you ask? Well, if you’ve got a booklet about low carb eating, you can easily spin it into many other titles, thereby creating an entire line of low carb booklets.

Spin-offs are the best kept secret (hidden in plain sight!) in publishing. It’s easy to overlook this opportunity. Most wanna be authors think about their first book or booklet and daydream about all the riches they’ll make from that one title. Some authors do get plenty of riches from their first title, but there are many more riches in the spin-offs, so why would you stop with just one?

You could spin just about any subject, any title into more than one booklet. I did it with “60 Ways To Make Fast Cash” when I created it’s sister title “119 Ideas To Save You Money Now.” These two titles often would sell in pairs when I sold them to individuals.

Recently, I’ve done it again with the parents’ guide “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free Child,” creating two new titles for adults and teens.

Look at your booklet idea (or your title if you’ve already created a booklet) and think about all the possible spin-off opportunities. If there are riches in your first title, there will be more riches waiting for you from it’s spin-offs! Why leave all that money on the table?

To your riches,



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