An Opportunity I Just Could Not Resist

Last night I got the opportunity to plug one of my booklets to another writer.  She’s working on an article for a national women’s magazine.  This particular magazine has a subscription rate of about 1.5 million.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

The booklet in question is my “119 Ideas To Save You Money Now.”  The writer was looking for ideas from women on saving money.  It was a perfect fit for this booklet.  While I haven’t actively promoted this title in a while due to the amount of attention I’ve been gaining with my newest booklet, I just couldn’t resist this opportunity.

It was easy to type out a quick email to the writer, giving her some of the information from my booklet and letting her know that the full version could be sent to her upon request.  To my surprise, she responded to my email almost immediately, thanking me and saying she’d let me know if she uses my material.

There’s never any guarantee with writers or reporters that they’ll use what you provide to them, but I thought it might be fun to crunch the numbers just in case she does use it.  So, here then, is what I might be able to make from this one article in this one publication:

1.5 million subscribers (this doesn’t include newsstand purchases or other purchases)

Figure maybe 2% of them would send for the entire booklet.  That’s 30,000 copies sold.

Now, take 30,000 x $5.00 (the price of the booklet)

And you get $150,000!

Not bad at all for just a few minutes of typing out an email.  Of course, as I said, there is no guarantee my material will be used.  There is, however, a real opportunity here that I chose to take advantage of.  The key, of course, is that I have a finished booklet to offer.  Without that, I would not have been able to grab this opportunity.  And this won’t be the only one, so no matter which way this one goes I’ll have more chances down the road to capitalize on my booklet.

How about you?  Are you still thinking about writing your booklet or are you ready to do something about it?

To your riches!



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