Booklets Unlock The Door To New Opportunities

Authoring a booklet can open doors for you in the same way authoring a book can.  It positions you as the expert of the topic your booklet is about.

Going to college or earning some other kind of credentials in your field is admirable, but what if you didn’t go to college?  What if you find yourself past the age of 40, stuck in a job, with no time or money to get a degree?  A booklet just might be your answer.  It proves to those that matter that you really do know your stuff.

I am a prime example of this.  I don’t have a college degree, nor do I want one at this point in my life.  I’m 42 years old.  I have no desire to go back to school.  Yet, my booklets have positioned me as an expert to the medical community and to the community at large on the subject of following a gluten free/dairy free diet.  And I’ll tell you a little secret.  I didn’t write the booklet to be known as an expert in this area.  That didn’t even cross my mind.  I wrote it to help other parents and make some money doing it.  But, now that the booklet is on the market, people do see me as an expert in this area.

I could easily use this expert status to open more doors for me if I wanted to.  Newspapers and radio shows are always more willing to interview someone who has published a booklet about a subject.  Wanna be a speaker on your subject?  The booklet will open that door for you too.

You can write booklets and stop at that, or you can turn the key and open the door to more opportunities and more riches.  It’s up to you.

To your riches!



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