What Are The Advantages Of Writing Booklets?

The main advantage of writing booklets (as opposed to books) is speed. I don’t know about you, but I’m 42 years old. I’m at an age now where I’m thinking about things like college for my kids and having a financially secure old age. But, let’s face it, none of us knows just how many days we actually have on this planet. Why spend years trying to bring something to market when we can spend a month or two?  The faster we can get our manuscript finished the faster we can get it to market and start earning from it – and ultimately live the life we really want to live.

Another advantage is flexibility. You can do this on your schedule. That means if you are working full time, you can write booklets in your off hours. If you’re a full time parent, you can write when you’re at home and the kids are at school or napping or otherwise engaged.

A third advantage is the money to be made from the endeavor. There is plenty of money out there for booklet authors from both individual and quantity sales.

A fourth advantage is the market for booklets. It is vast and varied enough to welcome just about any subject. There is even room for fiction.

A fifth advantage is that writing booklets showcases your writing talent on your subject to publishers. Those publishers will be interested in publishing a full length book if your booklet does well.

A sixth advantage is the opportunity to create further products from your booklet. I have published three titles. I’m in the process of spinning-off two additional titles from my most current one, and I’ve got two related titles that will follow. This means that I will have created 5 related titles which can sell to the same market. Your booklet can be the end, or it can be just the beginning.

A seventh advantage is that a booklet will promote you as an expert on your chosen topic every bit as much as a book would, without the time delay of publishing a book.

Finally, booklets can be written as chapters in a book, and sold for more each than the single book price. If your booklets sell for $5.00 each, and you’ve got 10 of them in a series, you would sell all 10 for $50.00. But, if those same booklets were combined into a book, they would probably sell for between $10.00-15.00 each in paperback, or about $25.00 each in hard cover. Do the math and you can see that it pays anywhere from two to five times more to write booklets.

There are many other advantages to writing booklets – too many to list here. But, as you can see, booklet authors have advantages that book authors don’t.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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