How Much Should My Booklet Cost?

The cost of booklets from one author to the next will vary, but the average price of a single copy is currently $5.00 each. You may decide to sell yours for less, or you may sell them for more if you’re selling to an upscale market.

The sticker price on my own booklets is $6.97 each, but what my buyers pay for them depends on how many they buy and how the booklets will be used.

Aside from your market, you must also consider any costs you have in producing the booklet if you self publish. If your booklet is published by someone else, you won’t have to concern yourself with price at all as they will determine what the market will pay (and how much you will make).

If you are writing about an average subject I would suggest an average price. But, if your subject is specialized information, you should charge a higher price for your booklet.  I’ve seen some nice fold out type brochures in doctor’s offices sell for $8.00 each.  So, consider who you’re selling to and whether your information is easily found somewhere else.

Ultimately, pricing is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you have customers willing to pay your price and you’re able to make the profit you desire. Your booklet’s price should be a win for your readers or buyers, and a win for you.

To your riches!



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