Should I Publish My Booklet Through A Publisher, Or Self Publish?

There are publishers who publish booklets. You’ve probably seen booklets in grocery stores, gift shops, and even in bookstores. Publishing your booklet through a publisher is possible, but I would advise against it.

When you hand your manuscript over to someone else, you have given them control over it. They can now make all the decisions regarding the look of the booklet, the price, and how it will be distributed. They may choose not to consult you on any of it. And, you’ll only get a small percentage of the money the booklet makes in the marketplace. The rest will go to the publisher.

Self publishing booklets makes more sense. When you self publish, you are in the drivers seat and you don’t have to consult with anyone else regarding who the booklet will be sold to, how much it will sell for, or how much profit you will make. You don’t have to share the profit with anyone. And self publishing booklets is cheap and easy.

Why make .50cents a copy when you could make the whole $5.00?

To your riches!


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One response to “Should I Publish My Booklet Through A Publisher, Or Self Publish?

  1. I agree 100% I have self published a number of books and now help new authors self publish their own books. I would not recommend anything other than becoming a self published author. Not only is there more freedom and control but there is much more profit potential. Even if an author used a traditional publisher the author is still responsible to do a lot of the marketing and leg work to help get the book out, so you might as well do it and get paid a whole lot more being self published. As a self published author I make as much as $13 per book instead of the $1 or $2 royalties from most publishers. Just make sure you use an authentic self publisher not those that are traditional publishers that charge you a fee and still retain some of the control. Do your homework and save a fortune.

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