Who Will Buy My Booklet?

The market for booklets is wide and varied. There are many possibilities for sales. You might choose to sell to individuals. Or, your might decide to sell to businesses, corporations, non profit groups, churches, website owners, the government, schools, gift shops, museums, historical societies, and any number of other places.

Who you sell to will greatly depend upon your booklet’s content. For example, a booklet about easy auto care for women might interest auto repair shop owners, auto parts stores, multi-department stores that carry auto parts, manufacturers of car care products, car dealerships, car manufacturers, auto clubs, colleges that teach powder puff auto care classes, women’s magazines, auto magazines and so on.

Some of these places might have purchased booklets or books in the past from another author. This means they know the value your booklets will bring to their business and to their customers (or employees). Other times, a business will never have thought of using booklets to promote their business. Since most businesses are always looking for new ways to market their products and services, your booklet may just be the answer they’ve been searching for – even if they didn’t know they had a problem!

The market for your booklet is out there – waiting. And chances are it’s a much larger market than you realize.

To your riches!



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