How Much Money Can I Make Writing Booklets?

If you’re asking this question, you’re not interested in writing booklets as a hobby.  Neither am I.  I write booklets to make money.  If I couldn’t make money writing booklets, I would be doing something else.   I want a better lifestyle than I would have if I worked for someone else in some 9 – 5 job.  I want the freedom to work when I please from where I please, and writing booklets gives that to me.  But, I want more, too.  I want financial security, and the only way to have that is to be in control of how much money I make rather than allowing someone else to hold the keys to my bank account.

So, how much money can you make writing booklets?  There’s no limit.  That’s the truth.  How much you get from it is up to you.  It will depend on your booklet’s subject, title, and audience, as well as your own enthusiasm for your product.

If you have a marketable product, you should do quite well.  I’ve known booklet authors who have made thousands of dollars on one sale, selling hundreds of thousands of copies.  And I’ve known of authors who have sold fewer copies at a time, but they’ve made many sales which all add up.

Since you are the one in control of your booklet’s destiny, it is impossible to predict how much you will make as an individual.  I can only say that there is plenty of money out there for the taking.  You could make a nice sideline income and keep your day-job if that is what you want, or you could make a full time income and then some working from home.

You could make a few dollars so you could afford to go to movies, out to dinner, buy a few groceries, put gas in your car, pay for your kids’ ballet and piano lessons and get out of debt.  Or, you could make thousands of dollars so you could dine in fine restaurants, send the kids to private school, hire a maid, buy a yacht (I don’t want a yacht-too much upkeep!), take family vacations to exclusive resorts, buy a fancy new car, move to an upscale neighborhood and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  It really depends on your goals.  Me?  Give me the rich lifestyle any day!

To your riches!


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