Why Your First Book Should Be A Booklet

It’s almost every writer’s dream to have their work published by a well known publisher, skyrocketing them to fame, fortune and success.  You work hard on your manuscript for months or years, and you know it’s good.  But, the truth is it doesn’t matter how good your manuscript is.  The publishing industry is more about who you know and your marketing skills than it is about your “art.”

Publishers don’t care about art.  They care about making money.  There are plenty of books that have been published by the big guys that nobody would consider art.  Yet, those are the books that the publishers are willing to take a chance on.  Why?  Because the book has proven it’s marketability having already sold thousands of copies, the author is a celebrity, or both.

You really have to prove yourself to the big guys, and you do this by selling thousands of copies before they ever see your manuscript.  If you can do this, you’ll find publishers knocking on YOUR door instead of the other way around.  This is the ugly truth of the publishing industry – you must prove yourself successful before they’ll take an interest in your work. Booklets are an easy way to prove yourself to the publishing industry.  And once you have built an audience for your booklet, you’ll have a waiting market for your book.

I have used booklet publishing as a way around the traditional industry because I hate the waiting and all the control you lose over your work when you sign a contract.  But, booklets can open a door into the traditional arena if that is what you want.  If you dream about getting a book published, and you sell booklets in large numbers on the same subject as your book, you then have some leverage you can use with publishers.  You can tell them you already have an audience for the book.  If your audience is large enough, they’ll notice.  And if they don’t then you’ve got what it takes to publish your book on your own and sell it to that audience yourself.

Booklets can open many doors for you that otherwise might never be possible.  You just need to decide what you want from the experience.  As for me, I want freedom and control.  And I don’t want to get a percentage of the profits – I want ALL the profits!  These are my riches.  Booklets have definitely given me that.

To your riches!



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