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Write Booklets And Be Free

There’s riches in freedom, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.  Many years ago I worked in a corporate office.  I got up at the crack of dawn so I could go to my hourly job and make someone else rich.  They were having all the fun.  You know what I mean.  The long lunches, days off when they felt like it, extended vacations.  And they made all the money.  Sure, they had to oversee the business, but they didn’t do much of the work.  That task was left to us lesser beings who toiled by the hour for a small pittance.

I remember wishing that I could enjoy the same benefits – the freedom to come and go as I pleased and a much larger paycheck.  But I was young and inexperienced.  I had been taught that I had to pay my dues in the business world – put my time in – before I would be able to have an extra week of vacation let alone a larger paycheck.  If only I had known then what I know now!

Over the years I’ve discovered that trading hours for dollars is not the path to freedom and it certainly isn’t the path to riches either.  It’ll do in a pinch – like when you need to keep the lights and the heat on (or the air conditioning!) – but it’s very difficult to get ahead doing it long term.  You’ll always be one of the lesser beings watching the guy at the top have all the fun and make all the money – probably money that you slaved to bring in.  That money represents your life – your hours – and you get so little of it.  When you think about it, it’s like the guy at the top is literally stealing your life away from you because he takes most of what you bring in.  You only get a little bit of it.

For me, writing booklets has meant never having to trade hours for dollars again.  I now have a product in my booklets which can sell around the clock.  I only have so many hours in a day that I could trade for dollars.  But, there’s no limit to the number of booklets I can sell.  And those sales add up fast!

Now I’m the one having all the fun!  Nobody is in control of my time or my paycheck but me.  I not only go on long, leisurely lunches, but I often take my children with me.  I am fortunate to be able to spend more time with them.  And when I want to take a day off, I don’t have to ask anyone or call in sick.  I just do it.

I no longer spend my days adding to someone else’s riches.  I spend them adding to my own riches and doing what I enjoy – writing.  This is the good life and you can have it too.

Write booklets and be free!

To your riches!



How To Get An Idea Today And Have A Completed Manuscript Tomorrow

Hello again!

Just a quick note to let you know what I’m up to!  Tonight I’ll complete the manuscript for spin-off #2 – “Simple Tips & Recipes For Starting Your Dairy Free Lifestyle.”  This one has taken me a little longer to finish than I expected – about 2 weeks – but that’s because I decided to add more fresh material than I had originally planned to.  I’m extremely pleased with the results, however, and I know this one’s going to be a hot seller within the medical community.  And, when you consider how long it would have taken me to write a book on this subject, and the fact that I didn’t work on this every day, 2 weeks is really quite good!

This booklet will be marketed right along side two related booklets, so my market will now have three titles to choose from.  This will expand my sales in two ways.  First, those who would not have chosen my first title can now choose one of the spin-offs.  And second, some will buy two or even all three titles at a time.  When you consider that these booklets are only available in quantities of 200 or more, that adds up!

So, what’s next?  Title # 6 of course!  It’s a booklet on marketing that I’m writing for the business community.  I came up with the idea for it a week ago and I’ve been anxious to get it done.  But, that’s one of the great things about writing booklets – you can get an idea today and have a completed manuscript tomorrow (or in a few days or a couple of weeks depending on your time and schedule).

With the completion of booklet #6 I’ll have a foothold in three different markets.  That’s a claim not many book authors can make.

Can you see a booklet in your future?

To your riches!


There’s Riches In Joint Ventures


Thanks for checking in with me today.  I’ve got some exciting news!  If you’ve been reading my blog since last month, you may remember me mentioning an idea I had for a joint venture with an acquaintance of mine.  His name is Keith and he owns a couple of businesses – one is a retail supply company and the other is a lumpy mail business.

I write booklets for a variety of markets, but my main markets are the business and medical communities.  Keith sells to the business community at large.  Since we’re both reaching out to the business community I saw an opportunity for Keith and I to make some money.

It’s simple.  He can offer my booklets through his lumpy mail business, which gives him a unique product to add to his line that none of his competitors have.  For me, it means getting my booklets marketed through another channel.  Keith’s marketing is solid and my booklets will be reaching people that I may not be able to reach on my own, even though I also market to the same community.

So, what’s my exciting news?  I talked with Keith this afternoon about my idea.  He liked it and he’s willing to give it a try!  Ya gotta love a guy that can make up his mind quick!  Keith’s business is a multi-million dollar enterprise and I’m betting he got his business to grow to that amount in revenue because he knows a good thing when he sees it.  He’s not one to procrastinate when it comes to decision making (there’s a rich tip for you!).

I promise I’ll keep you posted on how all this works out.  Oh, and by the way, you can do this with your booklet too!  Just keep your eyes open for opportunities.

To your riches,


Is Your Booklet Idea A Rich One?

Today, while waiting in the grocery check-out line, a booklet caught my eye. It was near the grocery counter where they keep the little packs of gum and mints. I don’t remember the exact title – something like “The Secret To Having Money.”

This particular title got my attention because I have authored two money related booklets. I couldn’t help but wonder what might be inside this booklet that I had missed putting into my own.

Not having much time before my turn at the cash register I picked up the booklet and quickly thumbed through it. To my utter amazement there wasn’t anything inside of value – at least not in my opinion. There was some psycho-babble about how to have a positive attitude in order to attract money, some mumbo jumbo about how to have the right relationship with money, and several other similar type chapters including, as I recall, one having to do with luck. If you were hard pressed for cash this booklet would do nothing to help you change your situation. In fact, it would further deplete your finances without giving you anything in return.

In spite of the fact that this booklet was devoid of any useful information, it is available to the public in grocery stores and probably some other places as well. This means it has gone through some special distribution channels and someone somewhere decided this booklet would sell – probably because of the title. I wonder if the booklet is selling, or if that person that gave it the go-ahead is now kicking himself for putting such an inferior product into the marketplace.

If you’ve got an idea for a booklet and you’re not sure how good your idea is, just think about this money booklet. It’s completely useless yet it’s in the marketplace. Chances are your idea is a much better one and if your booklet contains useful information that will help someone then you’ve got a rich idea, not just a good one. If that’s the case, by all means write it! The marketplace needs your booklet!

If that booklet in the grocery store is any indication, I’ve got a superior product in each of my money related titles. I can present them with pride to would-be buyers because I’ve seen the alternative and it’s a waste of paper and ink!

To your riches!


How To Double Your Money With Gender Specific Titles

Today, while I was having coffee at my local Borders, I happened to noticed a book called The Abs Diet. Now, why Borders chose to place their diet books next to the coffee bar I’ll never know. Maybe they’re hoping that when you’ve finished off that extra large piece of carrot cake and washed it down with a 20 oz. caramel latte you’ll feel so guilty you will rush right over to the diet books and buy two or three or ten so you can learn that you shouldn’t be eating carrot cake or drinking caramel lattes.

But, here’s the thing. After I saw The Abs Diet (I was sipping my coffee without caramel and browsing the shelves from my table) I saw another title: The Abs Diet For Women. Yep. A spin-off!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I’m a huge fan of spin-offs. They’re great because after writing your original manuscript you’ve got material you can use for your spin-off. Sure, you’ll need to write SOME new stuff for the spin-off title, but you won’t have to start completely from scratch. You can use a great deal of the material you’ve already got, and tweak it to work for your spin-off.

If you are writing about something that is gender specific, one great way to spin off that title (and double your money!) is to write a second one for the other gender. So, something along the lines of “97 Ways To Find Mr. Right” could spin-off another title called “97 Ways To Find The Girl Next Door.” Ok, these aren’t the best title examples, but you get the idea. Now run with it!

To your riches!


Why I Love Junk Mail!

Today was pretty much the same as any other until I checked my mailbox.  I’m telling you what – some of the greatest opportunities you’ll ever have as a booklet author will come right to you in your mailbox!

I pulled out what appeared to be two pieces of junk mail.  The first was an ad from a store.  I didn’t even bother to look and see which one.  I just threw it into the trash.

The second piece of “junk mail” had alot of pictures on the front of people I recognized – Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Suze Orman to name a few.  It took me a moment of looking this four page “ad” over before I realized it was an invitation to a business seminar.  Now that’s interesting!

I don’t know if this seminar will be worth the time and gas in and of itself, but they’ve got some top names appearing and the price is next to nothing.  Since I was always taught by my grandmother that you usually get what you pay for, I’m a bit skeptical.  But, one thing I do know is that this is a truly great opportunity for me as both an author and a publisher.

this seminar will be filled with business people and entrepreneurs and it just so happens that yesterday I came up with the idea for my next booklet (this will be #6 folks!) and it is for businesses and entrepreneurs!  The only thing is the booklet isn’t written yet, and I’m still working on title #5.  So, it’s crunch time!  I’ll get title #5 finished up over the weekend and then write like crazy to get #6 done by the middle of next week.  I can have it completed and produced in plenty of time for the seminar.

So, either I’ll go to the seminar and learn some great things and have the chance to schmooze with other business people, give them a booklet, and hopefully gain some new clients – or – I’ll go to the seminar and it won’t be so great but I’ll still get the chance to schmooze and network and gain new clients anyway.  Either way I win!

This really proves a point.  When you’ve got an idea for a booklet GET IT DONE!!!  Don’t sit around waiting and thinking because if you do you’ll miss out on some great opportunities.   I wasn’t going to produce #6 until #5 was finished.  I’ve got some other projects to work on that have to do with title #5, but I will now get them done simultaneously while working on #6.  It’s a fast, crazy pace, but then I’d rather make money fast than slow, and sometimes it does get a little crazy!

I love getting junk mail.  Often, it’s filled with new opportunities!

To your riches,


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The Best Kept Secret In Publishing

Have you ever noticed how many different diet books there are? There must be thousands of them. And as they they span the different diet and nutrition categories, several titles fall into each category niche.

For example, take the low carb craze. There are probably hundreds of books, each a little different variation, on how to eat low carb. Some of them explain the diet, some don’t explain anything but only contain recipes, some do both. Some of the low carb books have a medical niche they’re trying to reach – such as diabetics or those with severe weight issues.

So what, you ask? Well, if you’ve got a booklet about low carb eating, you can easily spin it into many other titles, thereby creating an entire line of low carb booklets.

Spin-offs are the best kept secret (hidden in plain sight!) in publishing. It’s easy to overlook this opportunity. Most wanna be authors think about their first book or booklet and daydream about all the riches they’ll make from that one title. Some authors do get plenty of riches from their first title, but there are many more riches in the spin-offs, so why would you stop with just one?

You could spin just about any subject, any title into more than one booklet. I did it with “60 Ways To Make Fast Cash” when I created it’s sister title “119 Ideas To Save You Money Now.” These two titles often would sell in pairs when I sold them to individuals.

Recently, I’ve done it again with the parents’ guide “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free Child,” creating two new titles for adults and teens.

Look at your booklet idea (or your title if you’ve already created a booklet) and think about all the possible spin-off opportunities. If there are riches in your first title, there will be more riches waiting for you from it’s spin-offs! Why leave all that money on the table?

To your riches,