The Options For Booklet Sales Are Many

Are you wondering about the market for booklets? After all, once the booklet is finished copies will need to be sold in order for you to make money. There are an unlimited number of places where your booklets could be sold, and where you sell will depend on your booklet’s content and your goals for your booklet.

Personally, selling to individuals is not something I wanted to do with my booklets. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The same goes for selling to bookstores and other retail outlets such as grocery stores. I chose not to sell to these places because I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with returns. This is something that is looked upon as part of doing business in traditional publishing, and if you don’t mind accepting some returns now and then, then it might suit you to pursue these outlets for your booklet.

I originally chose to sell mainly to large companies in large quantities. But, sometimes an opportunity comes up that you hadn’t considered. This happened for me when I found that hospitals and allergy clinics were interested in my latest title. Allergy clinics are smaller than the businesses I originally planned to sell to, but the number of them across the country is vast and can account for sales for many years to come. I can still sell to large companies, but the new outlet for my booklets is certainly a welcome one.

Don’t think like the traditional writer selling to the traditional market. If you do, you’ll be no better off than they are. Yes, a few make it and do quite well. Most do not. You can sell that way if you wish to, but you have other options. Why not take advantage of them?

The options available for your title will depend on your subject, but here are some ideas to get you out of the traditional way of thinking: museums, tourist shops, magazine publishers, banks, manufacturing companies, offices, corporate businesses, small businesses, website owners, restaurants, the government, auto repair shops, day care centers, churches, schools and just about any place else you can think of that would be related to your title.

Most booklets have more than one market available to them, and within each market there are many options for sales. Some of those options will provide very large checks. Others will provide a steady stream of smaller ones. The important thing is you’ll be making money, and you can still do the traditional thing if you want to.

To your riches!



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