What Is A Booklet?

It was brought to my attention today that some of you may not know what a booklet is or how it is defined for the purpose of this blog.

There are many different kinds of booklets. When you think about it, a magazine is really a booklet. Booklets have fewer pages than books, and are generally smaller in size. My own booklets tend to run around 20 inside pages, but it varies depending on what I’m writing and the needs of my clients.

The booklets I have been writing are promotional booklets. They help to promote other businesses’ products and services because the content ties into a theme that is of interest to the market those businesses serve. For example, my current title, “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The gluten Free/Dairy Free Child” is of interest to the medical community – specifically allergy clinics who treat children with these allergies, as well as food manufacturers who produce products for the gluten and dairy free market. Had I written a booklet about improving your golf score, I’d be selling it to companies that sell products to golfers.

I used to have a tight definition of what a booklet should be, but I’ve learned that clients will always want to change what I create. One client told me he loved my layout and design, but that he needed full color throughout – which meant a complete re-design. Another client wanted to turn the booklet sideways so that it was bound from the top. And, although I’ve only written non-fiction booklets in the past, I came up with an idea today for two fiction booklets for children that tie in with the ones I already have – meaning they’ll appeal to the same market. Therefore, my own definition of what a booklet should look like or how many pages it should have is rather broad in scope. It depends on what the client wants, what you can afford to do, and what you want to write.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll see booklets everywhere. They’re in the grocery stores at the check-out counter, in bookstores, and I saw two offered with products in tv commercials today. Look around you and see what the possibilities are.

Have a great weekend, and if you like my blog tell someone!



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