There Are Riches In What You Already Know

Whether you’re a writer or just dreaming of being one, there are riches in what you already know.  You don’t have to be some kind of super genius to write a booklet.  You can write it directly from your own experience.  That’s what I did, and it’s how I was able to write my third one in only 3 days.

My son has been on a gluten free/dairy free diet for almost 9 years.  I knew there were plenty of books on the subject, but I remembered how overwhelming the diet seemed to me when I first put my son on it.  The books didn’t help with that.  They didn’t serve to simplify anything.  They only seemed to complicate the issue for me by giving me too much information to try to process.  But it wasn’t until all these years later, when my own family members still did not know what to feed my son, that I began thinking about writing something on the subject.

I wanted something I could hand to my mom that wouldn’t overwhelm her, but that would give her the facts in a fast, easy to read format.  My goal at the time was to be able to stop answering the same questions over and over again about what my son could and could not eat.  But, at some point, it occurred to me that I probably wasn’t the only one facing this problem.  There were many grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, teachers, foster parents, and others involved in a child’s life who didn’t really need to know everything there is to know about the diet because the child in their life who was on it was not their child.  They would never become adept at implementing the diet because they didn’t have to.  They needed something that could help them feed the child while the child was visiting or in their care.

And so I wrote my booklet with the extended circle of the family in mind.  Parents who are new to the diet love the booklet as well, because it’s not overwhelming.  They know they can always get more information from a book or online, but the booklet is simple and easy to take with them to the store.  It’s also easy for them to give a copy to their child’s teacher or daycare person.

My booklet is now selling in the medical community, and I’ve got two different food manufacturers interested in purchasing copies.  If you would have told me just one year ago that I would be selling something – anything – to the medical community I would have told you that you were crazy, followed by all the reasons that I was not qualified to sell to the medical community.  Today I know different.  I know that what I know, and what you know, and what we all know is important to someone.

Think about what you know.  Think about your experiences.  Is there something in your knowledge or experience that could help others?  I’m betting there is something, and that is where the riches are.


2 responses to “There Are Riches In What You Already Know

  1. Hi Kim,
    I said I’d visit and here I am! Two things: I’m interested to know the process you went through to get a booklet published and; where can I find your gf/df booklet? We have a son with autism, and would like to look at your condensed version! Answers to both would be great, if you don’t mind (by email if you prefer).

  2. Hi Jon.

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you like it.

    To answer your publishing question would take some time and space. The short answer is that I own a publishing company that specializes in booklets. The publishing process is simple and straightforward – write your booklet, get it produced, market it to the right people and places, and you’ll make sales.

    There are two things I’m working on at the moment in regard to this. First, I’m putting together a product for writers to tell them exactly how to do what I do – step by step – so they can create booklets of their own that will be marketable and salable. I hope to have this completed in about four weeks, but there’s a website involved so it may take a little longer. I’ll be announcing that here when it is finished.

    Second, my publishing company will be seeking booklet manuscripts from other writers soon. There are some details that still need to be worked out, but I can’t continue to do all the writing myself as the business has grown and will soon be larger than I can handle on my own. I’m hoping to have this implemented by the end of the summer, and sooner if possible. I will keep you updated here.

    If you are interested in learning more about the booklet process before my product becomes available, I am available by appointment for telephone consultations. If this interests you I’ll email you so we can discuss the fee and times I have available.

    I’m sorry to hear about your son with autism. My own son was originally diagnosed as autistic, but we found out when he was nearly 13 years old that he has Cornelia deLange Syndrome (CdLS). He’s a milder case of it and has autistic tendencies. The diet has been of great help to him.

    You can either purchase a downloadable copy of the booklet through or you can send a double stamped, self addressed envelope and a check for 6.97 to Up & At ‘Em Publications, PO Box 731964 Puyallup, WA 98373. I don’t usually sell to individuals, but I happen to have a few extra copies on hand.


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