How I Turned A No Deal Into A New Deal

One of the great things about writing booklets is that there are so many ways they can be used.  This means that when opportunity stops knocking on the door, you can open a window of opportunity.  This is illustrated by my conversation today with my contact at the food manufacturing company that told me they wanted to order 600,000 copies of my booklet.

I knew from the start that this deal might not go through.  My contact wasn’t sure it was a feasible idea.  After speaking with him today I’m fairly certain this particular deal will never see the light of day.  The problem lies with their method of production.  They hand stuff their packages, and in order to add the booklets they would have to slow down the assembly line considerably.  Even then, it is quite likely that not every package would get a booklet inside.   Many would be missed.  My contact had even briefly considered adding the booklet to only every fourth box, but he quickly realized this was not a good idea.  I agreed.

I was neither sad nor disheartened at his words.  He had already paid me the highest compliment by telling me he wanted to order so many copies of my booklet.  He had told me that he felt it was extremely well written, put together and designed.  I knew he liked my product.  He just wasn’t able to use it in the way we had planned.

My contact told me he would speak with the plant manager again just to be sure, but I’m already looking at other ways this company can use the booklet.  I know they attend industry conventions and trade shows, and I know they send sample kits to certain stores.  I know they like my booklet and they still want to use it.  In fact, my contact even told me at one point that maybe they would order some just to keep on hand in their warehouse to use whenever they wanted to.

While I feel the door is closed on the 600,000 copy deal, there are several windows of opportunity open here, which I mentioned to my contact.  Thus, my no deal is now a new deal.  The best part is that this won’t be a one time deal.  I mentioned to my contact that I’m working on two spin-offs, and he’s interested.  He indicated that he wants to be kept in the know about my new products.

When I started talking with my contact at this company, and I knew he liked my booklet, I thought it would be a one time sale.  But now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  It appears I’m going to have the luxury of having a long time client in this company.  While the 600,000 booklet deal would have been nice, I’d much rather have a client for life than a one time customer.

I’m elated about what transpired today.  I’ll be talking with my contact again at the end of August and we’re finally going to be able to talk about money and volume, not for the original deal, but for a new one.  Today was not the end.  It was a new beginning.



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