Booklets = All The Prestige Without All The Hard Work

One of the things I used to wonder about when I wrote my first booklet was whether or not people would take me seriously as an author.  I wondered if they would think of me as a published author with the same status and credibility as someone who wrote a full length book.

I’m thrilled to tell you that, in my experience, people don’t discriminate between the two.  They give me the same credit and respect they would any other author.  In fact, I’m truly amazed at the compliments I’ve received and how impressed people are with my booklets.  sure, they look great, but they are booklets, not some great tome on the subject.  But, that’s why people love them so much.  They get the facts fast, without having to dig through tons of information to get what they really need.

It almost doesn’t seem fair because I don’t have to work nearly as hard as other authors to come up with my material and make money from it.  But, it’s nice to know that people appreciate what I do, none the less.  After all, I do my best to write quality products for the marketplace as any author would.  I just happened to find a way to do it faster and more profitably.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to talk with my contact at the food manufacturing company – the one that wants 600,000 copies.  I’m hoping I’ll get an answer as to when this deal can be finalized.  I’ll let you know what transpires.



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