Another Check To Add To The Pile

Friday at last!  You know, I really didn’t work that hard this week, but looking back I’ve accomplished quite a bit!  That’s a nice feeling.

My contact from the local hospital emailed me today.  He’s placing the order.  I’m a bit surprised given that he’s paying almost sticker price for the booklets because he’s ordering so few, but I’m happy.  A client’s a client no matter how small.  And, he did say in his email that he might be able to convince his superiors to re-consider the licensing deal down the road.  I may not get the big check today, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get it tomorrow.  I’m hoping this will be the start of a beautiful, long term business relationship.

Here’s something to chew on.  I just sold 15 copies of this booklet, and most of the selling was done through email.  What if you could sell 15 copies of your work at one time to one individual or one company?  It beats selling onesies and twosies.  15 is a rather small number for me, but every check added to the pile just makes more riches!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with more of the good stuff!



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