You Win Some, You Lose Some – On We Go!

I received an email today from my contact at the hospital that wanted my booklet for their database.  They decided they would like to order 15 hard copies instead – for now.  Once they see the price, they may well change their mind.   Such a small order is quite expensive.

I reminded them, once again, that I still feel we can negotiate the licensing deal so that it will work within their budget, and I told them if they have a change of heart to let me know.

At first glance, their email was a little daunting.  After working with them for the past couple of months and hoping for a more lucrative deal, seeing that they only wanted 15 hard copies was disappointing.  But, if they do place the order, they’ll eventually run out and need more.  And, eventually they may realize the error of their ways and decide to do the licensing deal, which would be much more cost effective for them.

A sale of 15 hard copies is still a sale.  It’s still a company telling me that they like what I’m offering.  And there’s plenty more companies out there for me to sell to.  So, we’ll see whether this company follows through and orders, and in the meantime, I’ve got plenty more such companies up my sleeve!


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