How I Went From Idea To Sales In One Week

Today everything is simmering nicely on the back burner.   All the deals I’ve got in motion are doing well.  You might think I’m taking it easy today, enjoying a bit of a break.  Not so.  I’m working on my two spin-offs, finding new potential quantity buyers, looking into a new potential market, checking printing prices, and much more.  Why?  Because I understand the need for speed and booklets give me an advantage in that area that book authors don’t have.

Here’s why speed is so important. Speed is vital to my bank account, and whether you realize it or not, it’s  vital to yours too.  The faster you can get your manuscript finished, the sooner you can begin to earn money from it.  What if you could complete your manuscript in just three days?  That’s how long it took me to write my latest booklet.

Getting the writing done in such a short time allowed me to bring my product to market faster, and therefore start making money with it now rather than in a year or two or more.  In fact, just days after the manuscript was finished, I was making sales.  So in about a week’s time I went from a blank page (screen), to money coming in.  What if you could do that?

Just something to think about.  We’ll talk more about speed later.



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