Lumpy Mail Brings New Sales Possibilities

Well, today sure got off to a scary start for me!  I was in the shower and smelled smoke.  Turns out my 12 year old daughter got up earlier than usual and was making toast downstairs.  Guess it’s time to clean the toaster!

Each day brings new possibilities, and today certainly brought a good one.  I was reading a newsletter I subscribe to.  Not an ezine, but a real, honest to goodness, paper and ink, find it in your mailbox, kind of newsletter.  Anyway, an acquaintance of mine was mentioned in an article.  He’s a multi-millionaire, and owner of a company in Seattle that sells to other businesses.  His name is Keith.

The last time I saw Keith, he told me he was going to be starting a new business (this is in addition to the one he already has).  He said he had an idea for a “lumpy mail” kind of business, which would sell advertising trinkets to other companies to use in their direct mail campaigns.  He hadn’t taken any action on this idea yet, but he planned to do it.  I liked his idea, and I pulled out a booklet to show him.  After all, booklets do add to the bulk of a letter.

Keith liked the booklet very much.  He thought booklets were a great idea.  And that was pretty much where the conversation ended that day.

So, today I read about Keith in this article.  His business is up and running and already doing very well, and it’s only been 7 months since he told me about his idea.  This means it’s time for me to contact Keith and remind him about my booklets.  And, I’m going to ask him what kind of titles he thinks would sell through his company.  I can’t write them all, but I can either give other authors the opportunity to make some money along with me and Keith, or I can hire writers to write the booklets and own them outright.  I’ve got an idea for an offer Keith can’t possibly refuse, and since he’s selling in quantity like I am, I think this could work out very nicely for both of us.

Let me know what you think.  I’ll keep you posted.  My radar’s always on, looking for new possibilities and opportunities.

Well, I’ll be spending the weekend getting my two spin-offs done.  I want to begin promoting them in the next couple weeks.

Have a good one!



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